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As I catch up from my weekend away I thought I’d take a trick out of Lifehacker’s book and see what sort of interest an open thread will generate. Consider this post wide open.  What questions have you got?  What topics would you like to see addressed?  Not just to me or by me, but in general?  What’s on your mind?

3 thoughts on “Readers’ Choice

  1. have you watched "the search for shakespeare" on PBS with host Michael Wood? We DVR'ed it and have been watching an episode a day. I really like Michael Wood's presentation, his personality, and how you can tell he's not just a documentarian but he loves what he's covering.

  2. I remember a similar series, that may have been the one, that goes into the supposed classroom Shakespeare would have attended as a child, that sort of thing? I think I tried to get Kerry to watch it with me once and we got bored. Maybe I'll revisit at my own leisure 🙂

    The other day I was looking for a good Iago (tried to explain to my boss how much of a right bastard he is) and Bardfilm recommended the Bob Hoskins, so I have to watch that now.

  3. There's a religious cable station that runs a Shakespeare series very so often. The aim is to "prove" that Shakespeare remained a devout Catholic until his dying day (an idea not without its conjectural merits, but, so far, beyond the scope of Papal as well as any other authority). The fun part is that some of what they talk about is "acted-out" and I'm sorry I couldn't find bigger, more sarcastic quotes to surround the two words. Anyone ever seen it?

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