Support Shakespeare At Your Local Library

Summer’s here, and my wife took the kids to the library to start stocking up on reading material.  My 7yr old got her library card last year, my 5yr old excitedly got hers this year. Question : How’s the Shakespeare at your local library?  Do they have more than just the complete works?  In the last year or two look at all the Shakespeare related books that have crossed this one blog alone:

Bardisms, by Barry Edelstein
Shakespeare and Modern Culture
The Sourcebooks Shakespeare
Shakespeare’s Wife, by Germaine Greer
FOOL, by Christopher Moore
Will, By Christopher Rush
Shakespeare Wars, by Ron Rosenbaum
Classical Comics
The Master of Verona
The Book Of Air And Shadows
Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare, The World As Stage
Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare
Interred With Their Bones

And I’ve missed a few!  I think this year I’ll get together much of what’s in my collection and donate them. How about you?  Your local library got any of the good stuff?  Carl reminded me that it’s not always about running out to buy your own personal copy of every book you think you might like.  That’s kinda sort what libraries are for!

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