Gates/Crowley, Shakespeare Style This story has been beaten to death so I’m a little disappointed that this came out so late, but still it’s a must read for us Shakespeare geeks. You probably already know the story, what with our illustrious President getting involved, but in case you don’t – black professor Henry Gates can’t get into his house after returning home from China, neighbor thinks he’s breaking in, calls cops.  Cops show up, everybody starts yelling at each other (I am NOT going to get into who started it :)), Gates ends up arrested and then charges quickly dropped.  Fast forward a week later to beers with Obama and Biden.  By the way, I love the way the news reported that Biden “unexpectedly” showed up.  Anyway, now do it all Shakespeare style.  I love it.  Biden even shows up as Fool! …although truthfully I’m pretty sure that if Shakespeare ever used the word “beastmistress” it would have meant something different and quite likely been the most filthy thing he ever wrote.

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