Greville’s Tomb May Contain Manuscripts I’ve never heard the name Fulke Greville, so I’m not sure how much of a contender for Authorship he really is.  However, this intrigues me:

Some of the writings of Greville, a “distant ancestor” of the historian A.W.L. Saunders, have suggested to Saunders that there are manuscripts contained in the tomb; a radar scan of the tomb shows “three ‘box like’ shapes,” according to the Telegraph’s David Harrison. The manuscripts would still be intact if they had been encased in lead boxes, which was a common practice at the time.

People have always said “Until we find some actual manuscripts we’ll just never know” about many things.  I suppose it’s still possible that there really are some out there, and it’s fascinating to think about. UPDATE: Much better link here talks more about who this Greville person is, but also pads pretty heavily throwing in bits about Shakespeare’s will and the whole “second best bed” thing which seems to have no relation to the story at all. I also had to read the “This will keep the Shakespeare industry going for years” quote a few times before I realized she was talking specifically about “we’ll be analyzing any new findings for years.”  I thought that 400 years in, the Shakespeare industry is doing pretty well on its own, thank you! 😉

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