Tony Andronicus? Remember Tony Danza?  Whether you only go as far back as “Who’s The Boss” or all the way to “Taxi” it’s hard to forget the guy – sort of a real life “Joey” from Friends. How’d you like him teaching your kids Shakespeare?  All in the name of good reality television.  Sounds like somebody should just pitch it as a sitcom … and then kill it because “loveable goofy guy with no academic smarts ends up being the best teacher these kids ever had because he teaches  them about life” has already been done a few zillion times.  (And I’d be willing to bet that every time they had a “Let’s do Shakespeare” episode :)) [* The title comes from the old joke about Tony Danza either being *such* an Italian stereotype, or else just being so dumb, that he always plays a character named “Tony”.  While this is not technically true, his IMDB profile does list five Tony credits to his name … as well as one “Pony”.]

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