Guilt By Shakespeare

“Who put their handprint on Mommy’s nice clean glass door that she just Windexed this afternoon?”  said Mommy. “Not me,” said three Geeklets in Sound-Of-Music unison. “Line them up and have them each put up a hand,” said Shakespeare Geek.  “See which one fits.” “Don’t do that!” said oldest Geeklet. “I think oldest geeklet did it,” says Daddy Geek. “Why?” asks she. “Methinks she doth protest too much,” quoth I. “Huh?” respondeth she. “It means that when somebody did something wrong, the person who says NOT ME NOT ME NOT ME NOT ME is usually the one who did it,” summarize I. “*squit* *squit* *squit* *wipe* *wipe* *squeaky* *squeak*,” says Mommy’s Windex, onomatopoetically. “Too late now,” says too-observant-for-her-age oldest.  “Mommy cleaned it, now we’ll never know.  But I didn’t do it.”

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