Oh, Sure … *Now*.

http://playingshakespeare.org/ What caught my eye was not the Playing Shakespeare, but rather the sponsor – DeutscheBank.  The title of the project is actually “Playing Shakespeare with DeutscheBank.” It helps the story to know that I was employed by DeutscheBank in the 1998-2002 era.  More specifically I was employed by Scudder Stevens and Clark, oldest mutual fund house in the US I believe, which then became Scudder Kemper Investments (bad move *), which then became Zurich Scudder, which then became DeutscheBank, which then led to the whole northeast office being shut down. I have no love for DeutscheBank.  Whether they play Shakespeare or not. (*) For the financial inclined – Scudder was, like, the inventor of the retail mutual fund.  A product whose whole purpose in life was to tell the end consumer “You don’t need a financial advisor to buy this for you, and eat up all your money in fees.  You can buy it direct.”  And then they went and bought a financial advisor company.  Oil and water, is that the expression?  I was in IT at the time, and I remember at least one meeting where the advisor people demanded their own web infrastructure so that the database of customers who were still stuck paying for advisors would never ever get the opportunity to see the world of do it yourself.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Sure … *Now*.

  1. "Playing Shakespeare with DeutscheBank"

    Has a 'familiar' ring. But somehow…

    "DeutscheBank Playing with Shakespeare"

    rings truer–a little more…
    "…like a peece of uncurrant Gold,[and]not crack'd within the ring." -Ham.

    Labels, labels, labels…
    "I am not who I am." -Iago

  2. sorry–slipped up–it's I am not WHAT I am. "Who/what"– same "difference" 🙂

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