Who Wants Google Wave Invites?

Ok, I’ve only got a couple left (2, to be specific), but I’d like to make sure some Shakespeare geeks get a shot. I’m not going to bother explaining what Google Wave is, because either you saw “invite” in the title and jumped at the chance, or you have no idea. If you’re interested, send me an email telling me how you’d use this new collaboration tool for a Shakespeare-related project.  (Whether you follow through or not is up to you). I’m out of commission with the something strongly resembling the flu right now, but in a couple days I’ll pick some random responses and send out the invites. UPDATE Invites sent!  Enjoy, and invite more Shakespeare geeks! Pay it forward!

2 thoughts on “Who Wants Google Wave Invites?

  1. How do you like Wave? I got an invite a few days ago. It's dull with so few people to talk to.

  2. Oh no–I hope you feel better quickly!

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