Digging Up New Place

http://www.culture24.org.uk/history+%2526+heritage/literature+%2526+music/art73655 Archaeologists plan to dig up Shakespeare’s home, known as New Place, some time next year.  This is not the church, this is not his bones.  We’re talking about his house.  Just to get that out of the way. It seems like an interesting project, not the sort you often hear about.  It’s not like there’s much mystery.  They’re not picking a spot and saying “I wonder if we’ll find anything.”  They known what’s there – at least, generally.  They’re trying to get enough information to create a modern recreation of the place. I’m all for learning more factual evidence about Shakespeare’s life.  You just know it’ll turn into the same sort of tourist attraction everything else about his life has.  Oh, well.

One thought on “Digging Up New Place

  1. Haha, so cynical… I think it would be great if they could dig it up and recreate it. I'd certainly visit 🙂

    And besides, what if they found a copy of one of his lost plays??

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