Shakespeare Master Class Thank Twitter for pointing me at this little gem I’d missed, a very young Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry doing “Shakespeare Master Class”. Given some of the spirited discussion we’ve had here, I got a kick out of it. “And why did Shakespeare capitalize the T in Time?”
    “Because it’s the first word in the sentence.”
“Well…yes, I suppose that’s partly it.  But why else?”

2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Master Class

  1. Yeah, that's the video that sparked the post (someone on Twitter pointed me to the Hugh Laurie). The Brian Cox thing is driving me bonkers. While it is cute, and impressive, it is a child repeating what an adult says. He could just as easily have been reciting the phone book. It really has nothing to do with Shakespeare at all. I've heard small children quoting Shakespeare (albeit, not that much of it!) for years now.

    I am much happier when my 5 yr old brings home a library book about fairies and shoves it under my nose, saying "Daddy, look! Titania and Oberon, *right there*!"

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