Word Is Spreading

Ran into one of my older daughter’s teachers (who I knew only by site, have never spoken with her) at McDonald’s the other day.  She recognized me though as well, because she said, “So I hear you’re a Shakespeare geek.”  (Actually she said “afficionado of the bard”, but afficionadoofthebard.com is too hard to spell. :))  I informed her that yes, yes I was, plugged shakespearegeek.com, and said, “My kids know Shakespeare as well.” “I know,” she said, “I was helping your oldest look for books in the library when she pointed at one and said Oh look, Shakespeare’s on that one.” This morning, oldest says to me “Mrs. M knows you’re a Shakespeare geek.” “I know,” I respond, “I saw her at lunch.” “I told her you’re a Shakespeare geek.” “Dot com, sweetie.  Shakespearegeek.com!” Hey if the girl’s gonna shill for me she might as well plug the website!

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