Got Kids? Got a Computer?

My kids, at 7 5 and 3, spend their fair share of time on the computer.  Mostly that involves the 7yr old doing all the work while the other two watch and kibitz.  Despite all my best efforts, their time is always spent on Sprout Online or PBS Kids or Go Girls Games, all of which seem to fit the same general pattern of Flash games – some puzzles, some coloring, some printable stuff.  Always on a different theme.

So why not a Shakespeare theme?  Especially today, of all days.  The Folger’s got just such a page ready to go, which I’ve sent to my kids already.  The coloring on theirs might be a little too advanced for my little ones, but they are very good at jigsaw puzzle (it’s the favorite game on my iPhone), and I’m happy to see “maze” in there.  I think that one, while being the least Shakespearean, also probably takes the most brainpower.

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