Love it when she does that.

So, Wednesday night before Hamlet came on, I was lying in bed with my wife watching some other program that she likes.  Typically she falls asleep a lot sooner than I do, so it’s easier to just DVR my programs and watch them a little later.  She knew full well that I’d be watching 3 hours of Hamlet later, and since it was also my birthday I threatened to require that she watch it with me :), but I did not follow through on that threat.

Anyway, it’s getting late, she’s falling asleep and mumbles, “I know you want to go watch Hamlet, go ahead and go back downstairs.  Hark who goes there.”

Me:  “….”  <open mouth> ” …. ” <close mouth> “…..”  <shakes head> ” … what?”

Her: <mumbling> “Go downstairs, watch your show.  Who goes there.”

Me: ” ??? You know that’s the opening line to Hamlet?”   (* Yes I know it’s more like “Who’s there?”, work with me here.)

Her: “Yup.”

Me: “I had no idea you knew that.”

Her: <snore>

Boggles my mind when she does that.  Not “To be or not to be” or “what a piece of work is man”, quotes she hears the children say all day long.  No, she quotes (accurately or not) the opening line, which many people wouldn’t even recognize. I have no idea if she looked it up in one of my books just so she could do that (doubtful, otherwise she wouldn’t have waited so long to deliver it), remembered me talking about it (possible, though I certainly haven’t done so deliberately in months), or remembered it from an actual Hamlet production we’ve seen (less possible, as it’s been years since we watched Hamlet).

I think I’ll keep her.

2 thoughts on “Love it when she does that.

  1. That's adorable and she's definitely a keeper!

    (Upon giggling, I had to share this with my mother, who then rolled her eyes and said, "you're obsessed with that Shakespeare stuff, aren't you?" *sigh*)

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