So, How Was Your Day?

Whew!  I’m exhausted.  Granted I was nothing more than online all day, but still!  Seemed busy.  I greatly enjoyed being surrounded (virtually) by Shakespeare stuff all day. Kept wanting to say that I celebrate Shakespeare Day like an Irishman celebrates St. Patrick’s Day but there wasn’t nearly enough alcohol to back that up. As promised I broke my last year’s record (which turns out to only have been 9 posts in a day) with, well, this will be the *11th* post on Shakespeare Geek today!  My RSS people must be getting sick of me!  And I’m very happy to have a tolerant boss at the day job, because about half of those bad boys were queued up and ready to launch throughout the day but a bunch of them I whipped up on the fly as stories came in that caught my eye. Meanwhile I put out 27 Twitter posts.  Traffic was flying all over the place, thanks to all the “mentions” and “retweets” that came along with that.  Picked up a whole bunch of new followers!  Thanks everybody for the boost! Day’s not over so I won’t have my real traffic numbers until tomorrow, but I can already see that today’s been my second most popular day ever, beating out the “discovery” of Cardenio back in March. What was my most popular day ever?  It was the day I titled a post “Shakespeare as Bob Dylan”.  That one post got onto a Dylan fan board and hoooboy did traffic spike!  They didn’t stick around, really, since that post didn’t have much meat in it.  But man, he draws a crowd.  The discovery of Cardenio hit maybe 2/3rds the Dylan traffic got. Ok, I’m about Shakespeare’d out for the day (ok, who am I kidding, if the wife falls asleep I’m gonna bang out two or three more posts and maybe a movie review before midnight..)  Take care, geeks!  Happy Shakespeare Day, and THANK YOU SHAKESPEARE!

One thought on “So, How Was Your Day?

  1. I, for one, have enjoyed the constant Shakespeare coverage! 😀
    Happy Shakespeare Day and enjoy the evening!

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