Who? Hamlet. Where? PBS. When? Tomorrow, April 28

I almost forgot about this, but once again PBS is presenting some modern classic Shakespeare as part of their Great Performances series.  Last year it was Sir Ian McKellan’s King Lear, this year it is David Tennant’s Hamlet (also starring that other guy, what’s his name…. Sir Patrick Frickin Stewart(*)).

I’d seen Lear before PBS broadcast it, but I’ve not yet seen Tennant’s Hamlet.  I’ve actually been eyeing (? that doesn’t look right) it this week, but as my birthday approaches I figured I’d give the family a chance to score it for me first.  But since I never actually mentioned it to anybody it’d have to be a heck of a coincidence.  We shall see!

P.S #1 : I expect my subtle subject line humor to go over the heads of the folks who don’t recognize that David Tennant also played a character called Dr. Wherewhen.

P.S. #2 : I am from Boston, where when we feel strongly about somebody we give them a new middle name.  Another owner of this proud distinction, but for completely different reasons, is Bucky Effing Dent.

P.S. #3 : UPDATED, The date is tomorrow April 28, not Thursday April 29.  The latter is the date of Open Mic Shakespeare, which was on my brain because I’d posted it earlier in the day.

4 thoughts on “Who? Hamlet. Where? PBS. When? Tomorrow, April 28

  1. I saw this version a while ago, and yes, it's excellent. 🙂 Don't much care for the Ophelia, but Hamlet and Horatio are both great and have a wonderful dynamic with each other.

  2. Can't wait to see this! Thank God for (W)GBH. (Here in Providence I get two PBS channels, which works for me!)

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