RIP Lynn Redgrave

Actress Lynn Redgrave has died of breast cancer at 67.

In doing some research I realized that we’ve spoken of Lynn Redgrave here on Geek previously.  Allow me to quote from my April 2009 article:

On the day his mother died, the celebrated actor Sir Michael Redgrave
had a matinee and an evening performance to give as Hamlet. Backstage at
the theater, he sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Then he went out front.
“And he did two of the greatest Hamlets he ever played.”

Yes I realize that Lynn is not in that, it’s because she wrote it.  Later in life she wrote several plays about her parents and their attachment to the theatre, Shakespeare in particular, including Shakespeare for My Father, and Rachel and Juliet.  The latter is the subject of my post from one year ago.

I think it’s wonderful that her IMDB page lists one of her Shakespeare credits as “ABC Afterschool Specials (Various Characters)“.  This was in 1973, and also starred John Gielgud.  I would have been 4.  I don’t think I was into Shakespeare quite yet.

I’m unfamiliar with her theatrical work.  Anybody else have stories to share? Any productions she was particularly well known for?

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