Shakespeare on Baseball

Not really much of substance in this article about Shakespeare baseball references, since obviously the man died a few hundred years before the game was invented.  But, much like bringing up “Thou base footballer!” in King Lear, you can go scraping the text for things that *sound* like baseball.  Actually I’m a little surprised by just how many they found.  Catch a fly?  Stealing bases, errors, foul and fair balls …  I once heard about Klingon Camp where they play the entire game in Dr. Okrand’s made up language.  Perhaps we could have Shakespeare camp and play the game entirely using misappropriated Bardisms?

(*) I remember an episode of the television show Frazier where brothers Frazier and Niles Crane had staged a theatrical performance.  After the apparent success of the opening, Niles can be seen saying to his brother, “We’re a hit, a palpable hit!”  That one seems to come up often (and obviously in the article above, you see).

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  1. Arguments with the umps would be way more interesting, that's for sure! I doubt any player has ever been ejected for calling the ump a bull's-pizzle.

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