Closing the book on Master of Verona…for now?

With a mixture of sadness and relieve, David Blixt has posted Liberation, where he informs us that the publishing rights to his second Shakespeare novel  Voice of the Falconer have returned to him after a long and arduous journey.

Two years ago I reviewed Blixt’s original Shakespeare novel, The Master of Verona. Looking at it now, I’ll snip a bit that seems most relevant:

But I can say that I enjoyed this book, very much.  I have reviewed books that I felt were a chore, and looked at the end with relief that I could move on.  With this one I anxiously returned to my reading each morning and evening (train to work, don’cha know), honestly curious about how it would end.  As it seems set up for a sequel, I can honestly
say that I’d like to read the sequel.  The politics and the prophecy don’t mean much to me, but I can appreciate well developed characters and want to see how their lives turn out.

Well it’s a few years later, and we never did get that sequel.  Now we know why.  Well, sort of.  David confirms for us that it’s not coming (at least, not any time soon), but even he really has no idea why the publisher just sat on it and never moved forward.  “Falconer will go into a drawer,” he tells us, to “remain my secret for years to come.”

Mr. Blixt’s next project (not counting the Michigan Shakespeare Festival) is apparently In The Shadow of Colossus, a “Roman novel.”  Since I know he’s a regular reader and contributor, maybe this post will catch his eye and he’ll give us a more detailed update on what to expect (and when)?

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