Off-topic : Bye-bye, Day Job.

Sorry for the interruption, folks.  Some of you may have seen me note on Twitter that I was laid off from my day job on Friday.

On the one hand this can be a good thing. There’s plenty of Shakespeare-related stuff that I want to do and just never have time for, so maybe in the coming days I’ll actually get to some of that.

On the other, let’s be realistic – there’s nothing I can do with this site, even under the most generous of circumstances, that would pay my mortgage and health insurance. So I need a day job.

Thus my interruption and temporary plea.  If you happen to know of anybody in the Massachusetts / New Hampshire area, your company or otherwise, hiring folks in the “software architect” space, particularly the Java/Rails flavor, please hook a geek up and send me details.  I’ve got 20 years of experience as a professional software engineer, web and otherwise, and have touched more modern technologies than I could name (it would be shorter and more accurate to just say “all of them”).  Please do not just send links to your friend-who-is-a-recruiter, I have plenty of recruiters on the case already. What I need now are the leads that are more often filled by word-of-mouth that never make it out to the agencies.

Thanks very much! 

On a related note, just because the site isn’t my main source of income doesn’t mean that your generosity goes unappreciated.  My sincere thanks to the people that have been hitting that Tip Jar button and those buying merchandise! I shall do my best to invest it all back into improving the site’s quality and adding new features.

Ok, back to Shakespeare.  Have I said thanks?  Thanks!

One thought on “Off-topic : Bye-bye, Day Job.

  1. Bummer! Good luck on your job search. And I say use the tip jar however your want. You work hard for this site and you deserve to be compensated for it.

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