Orson Welles on Macbeth

Really?  How’d I miss this interview between Peter Bogdanovich and Orson Welles when it came around back in April? Great stuff, including discussion about the budget and schedule of Welles’ production, his comparisons to Olivier and Polanski films of the time, and what was up with the Scottish accents. Very long article with great insight into how Welles approached Shakespeare, including excerpts from his book on the subject.  Wonderful stuff.

One thought on “Orson Welles on Macbeth

  1. Whew! 23 days–must've been like shooting a large scale movable stage rehearsal and performance all in one.

    I totally agree with his view on what modern theatre concept has done to Shakespeare and the actors who play his work. But it was a really interesting and informative interview on Welles' take for lots of other reasons as well. Thanks for bringing it Duane.

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