Shakespeare The Meteorologist

As we sit here in the northeast part of the country trying to stay out of the 100degree temperatures (that’d be USA, and Fahrenheit, for my international readers ;)) I can’t help but be reminded of the lesson I once tried to give my daughter in what Sonnet 18 means. 

Shakespeare wonders whether comparing someone to a summer’s day would be nice. After all, people like summer. It’s nice outside, you play in the sunshine.  But then again, sometimes summer’s not so great.  Sometimes rough winds shake the trees.  And sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines.  Know what that means?  The eye of heaven? That’s the sun – that big eye-looking thing up in the sky.  Sometimes it’s just too darned hot.

Kind of like…today.  When Shakespeare said “too hot the eye of Heaven shines”, this is exactly the kind of weather he was talking about. 

I would be beyond thrilled if I heard my local weatherman break out a reference like that, but I’m not expecting it. 🙂

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