Woot! Shakespeare Shirts!

I feel bad that I dropped the ball on this one, but Woot! just held one of it’s derby contests and the subject was Shakespeare.  That’s right, dozens upon dozens of Shakespeare t-shirts to vote on and choose from.  Alas, since this is Woot after all, each design was only up for a day.  Reader Matt had his design, “Read the Whole Book!” place 3rd – congratulations to Matt!  I’m not sure the rules but he apparently gets several more days up on the site (though not on the regular shirt.woot.com front page).  So if you’re not crazy about the shirts I’ve been cranking out and want something a little more graphic intensive (the Woot rules required that it be a graphic design, not just text), go check out Matt’s entry and help a fellow geek out!

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3 thoughts on “Woot! Shakespeare Shirts!

  1. Have to admit that I ordered one of the "Read the Whole Book!" t-shirts yesterday, when it was 10 bucks with free shipping. Too good a deal to pass up!

    With that said, I really like your "Life is short. Read Shakespeare" shirt. Nice job. =)

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