Android Shakespeare Suggestions?

Hi Gang,
This question just came up on Twitter.  I’ve got an iPhone, not an Android-based phone, so I can’t say much about what’s available for those devices.
Anybody out there know what the Shakespeare situation is for Droid-style phones?  I would hope that somebody’s done a Complete Works browser, but even that I’m not so sure about.
Who can help us out here?

UPDATE APRIL 2, 2012 Funny how things change!  Now not only do I have an Android phone, but my first app “Insults for Shakespeare Geeks” is now available in the Google Play Store!

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3 thoughts on “Android Shakespeare Suggestions?

  1. There are actually several Shakespeare apps for the Droid and they're all pretty good. The Complete Works is "Shakespeare (Beta)" in the market and there's a really good sonnet app, both of which are free.

    Other than that, most of them are odd quote apps and then there's the option to buy the plays individually for $0.99.

  2. There is this awsome app called MicroShakespeare, he is animated and speaks his quotes, it also has trivia and this cool magic 8 ball function. I would definitely recommend it!

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