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I’m surprised that we’ve never talked about BardBox before. It’s not new, has quite a bit of content, and at least for the subcategory I’ve linked, every post contains an original video. Sometimes animation, sometimes actors. I’m going through them now. It’s very cool.

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  1. Well, thank you. I'm the person behind BardBox. It's not kept up terribly frequently at the moment, because I'm caught up with doing other things, but I keep it ticking over. The idea is to document the new forms of Shakespearean videeo that are appearing on YouTube and Vimeo. Some of it trivial, some of it derivative, but a lot of it truly creative. BardBox is an attempt to build up a canon of these videos. No one reads it much, so I don't suppose many care, but I'll keep at it.


  2. On the contrary Luke, I think you may soon be getting quite a bit more attention. Didn't Shakespeare Quarterly just do a piece raving about your site (a little birdie told me)?

    Congratulations on making the top 5, I'm betting the coincidence is a little too great to be true and you've seen the list?

  3. True, BardBox is generously reviewed in the recent Shakespeare Quarterley open peer review issue on Shakespeare and New Media:, and it has been listed in the top 5 of some guide to Shakespeare blogs, All of which is very nice, but the stats don't lie. But I'm hopeful this new attention will have an impact, and I'm grateful for your positive comments.

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