Milestone Day for the Geeklet

616tCfIh4bL._SL160_.jpgSo today I learned that my 8yr old daughter, entirely on her own, broke out my Usborne “Stories from Shakespeare” because she wanted to read the Tempest. She’d now finished it, and wanted to discuss.
She pointed out to me that this version was written “in complete sentences, not like Shakespeare wrote it.” She wanted to know what exactly did happen to Ariel, never fully understood where Sycorax was, and why Prospero would want to get rid of all his magic books. All very good questions, which I happily answered over brushing teeth this morning.
“Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare (Illustrated Story Collections)” (Usborne Publishing Ltd)
She also told me that she wants to do Midsummer next, because “she only knows it without the boy.” Boy? Yeah, apparently the changeling boy is very confusing. Then again, so was Sycorax. I’m beginning to sense a pattern – when Shakespeare talks about people who aren’t really in the story, it’s hard to follow.

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