Princess Diana, Shakespeare Scholar?

Here’s an interesting story – an old Shakespeare text from 1977 has been found with scribbled notes in the margins that have been authenticated as those of Princess Diana The play? The Tempest. There’s also apparently some math notes, and she weren’t so good at da math.
I’m not sure what’s more sad, though – her handwriting, her grasp of math, or the article’s sad emphasis on pocket change: ‘Being a Yorkshireman, my father always checked what people had thrown out in case it was worth a few bob.” And then later, “‘I’m shocked and delighted it’s worth so much. I’m going to sell it at the right auction and at the right time.’” Absolutely – you’ve found a piece of history. Sell it as fast as you can.
Also interesting is that it’s only worth about 1500 British pounds, which is somewhere around $2000US. At that price I think I’d keep it. What am I going to do when I sell it, buy a television? That’d make fun dinner conversation. “Oh, like the new high def? Yeah, I sold a piece of British history for it.”

3 thoughts on “Princess Diana, Shakespeare Scholar?

  1. Does any part of their value depend on what the notes actually say? Are they of the "Ariel—remember, this is not the one from The Little Mermaid" variety or are they deeper thoughts than ever did plummet sound?


  2. Apparently, "Ariel stood for Shakespeare's seriousness" or something like that. I don't even think I know what that means.

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