Read Any Good Tattoos Lately?

I don’t pay much attention to tattoos – it seems like everybody these days is rocking some sort of artwork somewhere on their body (though, granted, some represent way, way more commitment than others).
What I do like are tattoos with words. I like to read what a person’s chosen to express on their body. Often it is a date, or the name of a family member. But sometimes it’s a quote. Those I love. Those tell me something about the person. I once spotted someone with most of To Be… tattooed up his arm.
So I find this article about literary tattoos pretty cool. Look at that Jack Kerouac example. Wow. The article is promoting a book on the subject, so apparently I’m not the only one who finds this particular method of self-expression fascinating.

3 thoughts on “Read Any Good Tattoos Lately?

  1. I think the idea's really amazing, especially when people try to match the text or add other little artistic details to enhance it. (Visual interpretations of things are usually pretty interesting as well.)

    You don't see too many literary quotes, and I'm kind of glad it's getting some recognition. Though I do sometimes wonder how people happen on these things–like if they've actually read the source and liked it or just found a random quote and decided to have it permanently inscribed on themselves.

    I've actually been considering getting one of "our remedies oft in ourselves do lie" as a graduation gift to myself, though I'm always considering the permanence. (Apparently, if you question it, you shouldn't do it.)

  2. I have a friend with "O for a muse of fire" on her back — her plan is eventually to add more lines of the speech to commemorate special occasions in her life.

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