…And Geeklet Messes Back.

[ Context : Messing With Geeklet. ]
Although I’m sure she didn’t do this on purpose, I can’t help but note the timing given that I was messing with her head at dinner last night.
It’s time to run off to school, which among other things means the mad scramble to make sure that we’ve signed her homework. She never says “Checked my homework and seen that I did it”, she just always says “Sign.” So I inevitably say, “I haven’t seen that you did it, go get it.” I’m supposed sign in this organizer book that they call a “reminder binder”. Cute.
Anyway, while I’m waiting for her to get it I notice that in the tip of the day cartoon there’s a man looking through binoculars made up of two big overlapping circles, and is a Venn Diagram reference. As geeklet comes back in the room I say, “Wait, you’re doing Venn Diagrams already? Really?”
“What?” she says, pulling down the book to look. “Oh, yeah. Last year. But Daddy, look what it says? ‘To Venn or Not To Venn, That Is The Question.’ Shakespeare.”
So now they’re pointing out Shakespeare references to me???

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