Bikini Shakespeare

So, somebody sends me a link on Twitter yesterday, and I see that it’s a video of bikini girls reciting Shakespeare while eating popcorn. Declaring it a bit NSFW I save it for later.
I come back later, only to discover that it’s been taken down for a “spam/scam/deceptive” complaint. No idea what that means, I’ve never even seen YouTube use that excuse. Made me sad. If there’s one person that needs to see this, it’s me. For science, you understand. Research.
Good news, though! It’s back. Check it out, and I’ll see you in a couple of minutes.

Every now and then you think that the universe is so small that somebody’s on the other side of it, creating something solely for you, you know? Somebody out there loves me :). It is so corny (popcorny, even! ha!) it’s stupid. But that’s sort of the point. You should see me here on the couch, watching the video with my wife sitting next to me, cringing and screaming every time they mispronounce a word while alternately commenting that this one’s got no hips, and that one’s got a fake rack.

The gimmick appears to be something to do with The Apprentice tv show for the Popcorn, Indiana product. If you don’t feel like watching the video, by the way, the girls keep pausing in their soliloquoy to wolf down handfuls of popcorn. Oh, and their bikini tops are made out of popcorn. 🙂

Now the only thing that makes me sad is that it’s clearly labelled “1 of 4” and I can’t find the other 3 parts. :)! Maybe it’s going to be a series? A geek can dream. Can I put in a request that for the next one they do the mudwrestling scene between Hermia and Helena from Midsummer?

2 thoughts on “Bikini Shakespeare

  1. Hey, I never wished for bikinis. Popcorn optional. 🙂

    Seriously, though, it makes me wonder whether KJ from Bardfilm is just dying to do some sort of piece on all the various adult movies out took a Shakespeare idea and ran with it.

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