Sorry Anne Francis, But Leslie Nielsen Stars

Surely it can’t be true. Leslie Nielsen has died of pneumonia at 84.
Perhaps most well known for the cult classic Airplane movies, and later the Naked Gun series, let us not forget that the man was an accomplished actor with 20 years to his credit before the first of those movies came into being. Scanning through his IMDB profile I see something like 50 TV series with his name on them.
This being the blog that it is I always like to look for a Shakespeare connection, to pay proper tribute. And I think everybody knows what I’m going to link. Let us all enjoy some Forbidden Planet, shall we?
Minor references:
In the TV series “The New Breed”, he was featured in an episode called Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?

Apparently Roger Ebert is quoted as calling Mr. Nielsen “The Laurence Olivier of spoof movies.” Appropriately high praise, I think.
RIP, Lt. Drebin.

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