Shakespeare Married Here

At least four different Stratford-on-Avon churches claim to be the place where William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, but now we may finally know for sure. All Saints Church in Billesley has been awarded a grant to research the subject and try to determine the answer once and for all.
Although actually if we read a little more, I think that the writer of this article may have stretched it a bit:

No parish registers survive from that time to prove the theory one way or the other. There is, however, stronger evidence to suggest that Shakespeare’s granddaughter was married at Billesley.

Unless they’ve got some historical “Granddaughters always got married in the same church their grandfather got married in, don’t you know that?” argument, I think this is more a case of the church getting a boatload of money to become a better tourist attraction. There still won’t be any proof about which of the churches has the best claim, this one will just be able to make that claim in more ways because they’ve got more money.

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