Alaskan Bard-a-thon

Some people try for a play a month, some try for a play a week or even a day. How about just one steady stream of all Shakespeare, all the time, until you’ve read it all?
Such is the task of the annual Fairbanks Bard-a-thon, where people are welcome to show up and start reading from whatever parts are available. In the early morning sessions they maybe see 10 people, while a popular session will have 50.
I’d actually written about this project previously, back in 2007. I don’t know how long it’s been around, but there is a reference in the article to someone who’s been coming for 10 years.
Here’s a question – the person that they interview says that the defining moment for her was when she got to read the part of God.
What play is *that*?

3 thoughts on “Alaskan Bard-a-thon

  1. The Duke in Measure for Measure? He certainly thinks he's God. 😉

    More likely she means a god, like Jupiter, Diana, or Hymen.

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