Seventh Graders, on Shakespeare

Once more unto the breach, dear Keri, once more! Keri Ellis Cahill, founder and guiding light of Rebel Shakespeare, is once again in front of a classroom bringing the good words to the children. She’s done this many, many times over her career, but this time she’s posting her experience on Facebook. With permission, I present her list of actual quotes overheard in her class:
Q: “Why did teen boys play all the roles in Shakespeare’s day?”

A: “Because the money was so good!”
Q: “Tell me something about Shakespeare’s family.”

A: “They’re all dead.”
Q: “Over the entrance to the Globe Theatre, a phrase in Latin says Totus Mondus Agit Histrionem. What does that mean?”

A: “Come on in!”
Q: (to Lysander) “When Hermia says Whither away? to Helena, what should be happening?”

A: “Ummmm….she should shrivel up. Or at least, fall down.”
Overheard: “OMG we’re getting casted today! I hope I get Hernia!”
More to come as soon as she stops laughing long enough to transcribe them :). I’ve seen the Rebels do their thing a number of times now, and plan to continue for a long time.

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