Zombie Hamlet

Not quite sure what to do with this story [first spotted on Reddit.com] about Zombie Hamlet. At first I thought, “Ok, big deal, somebody’s ripping off Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead,” which has been around for over 2 years and I think pretty much started the “zombie Shakespeare” thing.
But then I checked out the IMDB page for kicks. Jason Mewes, the stoner guy from all those Kevin Smith movies? Shelley Long from Cheers? John Amos, the dad from Good Times? June Lockhart, the Lost In Space mom? Does the Zombie part refer to the plot, or the cast? I thought a few of those people were dead!
Then I checked out the director’s page. From the man who brought you Santa With Muscles, ranked in IMDB’s 100 Worst Movies Of All Time comes….Zombie Hamlet. Yeah, that fits.

3 thoughts on “Zombie Hamlet

  1. I think the "Inspired by an actual incident" tagline refers to the writer seeing "Weekend at Bernie's" one drunken afternoon…

  2. well, im actualy in this movie i play annabelle beauchamps.. my name is emmalee … and the title zombie hamlet is actualy perfect for this film if you read the short description of it you will see that it is a movie with in a movie.. just like hamlet… it is a comedy and it is a family film.. i recomend you watch it and not judge it by the title.. i promise the title may be a little corny but never judge a book by its cover. <3 love emma

  3. Hey Sharky, I have seen this movie and yes it is a little quirkie, definately a slapstick screwball comedy! Overall, it was a good movie….and no, I am not in it! I laughed out loud several times in this movie! Maybe you should actually see a movie before you post your lame comments on here!

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