Oh, There You Are, Gnomeo. At The Top Of The Chart?!

In case you missed this, our dear animated Shakespearean gnomes are now sitting at the #1 Box Office spot!
Granted, box office charts are an incredibly relative measure and based entirely on what else opened that weekend. But still! Three weeks in, and this kids movie is still hanging in there. That means more people have the chance to go see it. I still contend that’s a good thing.
On the same subject, check out this article at Jim Hill Media which speaks of Disney’s own happiness at the success of this one, and how honestly they had no idea. What to do now that their next kids’ movie, Mars Needs Moms, comes out next week? Where should the advertising budget go? Decisions, decisions…

One thought on “Oh, There You Are, Gnomeo. At The Top Of The Chart?!

  1. Just got a great comment from a parent who saw G&J this week. Your dream may be coming true!

    "I saw this with my 5 year old yesterday. It was great fun for the two of us, but definitely not something I’d show in class. (I work with middle and high school kids.) For little kids, though, I think it’s a great interest grabber for Shakespeare. After seeing the film, my daughter is excited about the Romeo and Juliet plot and anything related to it. Now we’ll put Tales from Shakespeare and experience some of Shakespeare’s language!"

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