Thy Week in Geek : January 30 – Feb 5

Look at this, just the second installment and already I’m a day late. Hope you folks appreciate these 🙂 Since I clearly do not have the time to do a proper summary of the entire week (given that those summaries would each depend on how busy the previous week was), I’ll prune it down to just the most interesting posts…
The most notable push this week is the long-awaited (by some!) arrival of Gnomeo and Juliet, Elton John’s animated musical tribute to Shakespeare. We’ve been talking about this literally for four years now, and I don’t think anybody has expectations that it’s going to be the next Shrek, but we can dream.
First, we’ve got a review and a look at what it’s up against at the box office this weekend.
More interesting, I hope, is my plea for Shakespeare Geeks of all shapes and sizes to do what they can to make sure the world at large gives this movie a chance : What’s In A Gnome? To show that I’m not messing around I even dug up my old Cinderella Story from out of the archives. I wrote that two years ago, and I still want it just as much.
On a lighter note, Bardfilm brought us one of his famous lists, this time pondering Why Would You Watch A Shakespeare Play When You Could Watch The Super Bowl?
Not wanting BF to have all the fun I offered up my own list with Why Hamlet Can’t Date You, a riff on one of Twitter’s “top trends” that floated across my radar one day.
Lastly, in anticipation of finishing The Story of Edgar Sawtelle I posted A Hamlet Story, where we discussed the origins of The Lion King and pondered exactly how little Shakespeare can be in a story before you can’t call it Shakespeare anymore. Bardfilm pointed us to the official rules for defining that sort of thing. Who knew?

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