Who Wants Free Stuff?

Regularly I get offers to review product. Got one today, as a matter of fact. Sometimes the request will come with, “And do you know any other Shakespeare bloggers who might be interested?”

It dawned on me today that while yes, yes I do, I do not always have contact info for those people. (I’m looking most directly at you, Bill from Shakespeare Teacher. Hint hint.)
So, fellow Shakespeare bloggers – if you’d like to be considered when publicists come knocking on my door, please take a moment and drop me a note saying so. I’ll tuck it away in a list someplace so I can find it next time I need it. I can’t promise anything about when such offers might come along, but I can say that if you’re not on my list then you won’t get mentioned – that way nobody’s wasting anybody’s time if you’re not interested in doing reviews.
You all know me, you know I’m not going to go spamming you. In general my method has always been to forward the publicist’s request to the blogger, and let you make up your mind, rather than just randomly handing out your address to whoever asks for it.
If you’d like to be on the list, please specify the URL of your web site so I can tell people about it. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Who Wants Free Stuff?

  1. I second the notion that Mystic presented! I teach all four grades in high school, and at one point or another have taught all levels. Extra educational materials are always a bonus and a help. Thanks!

  2. Well…if you come across any educational materials, I would love a shot at them. I teach 9th and 12th grade English. Shakespeare is in the curriculum at both levels.

  3. Duane, you not only have my personal e-mail address, but you also have my home address, remember?

    You can feel free to pass along the e-mail address for the website: [email protected]

    And I'll send you a note from my personal account as well, so you can contact me directly.

    I appreciate the shout out, as always.

  4. Folks chiming in here on the comments, you really need to send me your contact info directly if you want to be included on the list. Looking for an email address, a URL of your web site, and, good idea Mystic, some idea of the sorts of stuff you might be interested in receiving.

    Sharky, I'm not making the judgment on who the publicists want to work with – I'm just playing connect the dots. It's up to them whether they think each individual site has the audience they want to reach.

    Bill, you're right – I just can't seem to find it when I went looking 🙂


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