Win FREE Shakespeare Puzzles!

Last week I published my review of Pocket Posh Shakespeare, a collection of 100 Shakespeare-themed word puzzles from The Puzzle Society.

And now I’ve got three (3) copies to give away!

How Do You Enter?

First, let’s start with a puzzle. That is the theme, after all:


You can start by attempting this cipher (link goes to a definition of this puzzle type, if you’re unfamiliar). As I mentioned in my review of the book, your knowledge of Shakespeare should help you solve the puzzle, otherwise is it really a Shakespeare puzzle?

Second, email me your answer. I’m just looking for the quote, you don’t have to send me the mapping of all 26 letters. (Even if you can’t quite solve it, see below….)

Optionally, follow me on Twitter and help me promote the contest. Remember, publishers give their products away as promotional items, and they want to see as many people as possible take part. Successful contests means more giveaways in the future!

Comment on this post if you want, but please do so only to talk about the game or ask questions. Do NOT post solutions (I’ll delete them as fast as I spot them) or consider a comment left here to be your entry into the contest.

How Do You Win?

Ok, I’m going to put a spin on this, so pay attention. I’ve got 3 copies to give away. *TWO (2)* copies will be given to randomly chosen entrants who provide the correct solution. *ONE (1)* copy will be given to someone randomly chosen from people who do *not* have the correct, complete solution, but instead provide only a partial one.

You heard that correctly. Even if you cannot solve the puzzle, do your best and send in an answer anyway! Part of the mission of this blog has always been to encourage people to learn more about Shakespeare, so it doesn’t seem right to punish people who may not yet be familiar enough with the topic to recognize the chosen quote. Entirely blank entries will not be counted.

When is the Deadline?

I’ll be collecting entries through end of day Thursday, March 10. Winners will be chosen as described above – 2 from among the correct solutions, 1 from the incorrect solutions. On the off chance that there are not at least 2 correct solutions entered, I’ll naturally have to adjust accordingly.

I will attempt to contact the winners beginning Friday, March 11. Please note that to receive your prize I’ll need to get your mailing address, which will then be sent along to the publisher. I say this in the interest of full disclosure, as I will not be the one doing the mailing.

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