Darth Sidious as Timon of Athens?

Here’s a fun story that’s heavy on the geek: Ian McDiarmid is playing Timon of Athens.
Timon. Of Athens. It’s a Shakespeare play.
I kid. Ian McDiarmid is better known to Star Wars geeks the world over as Emperor Palpatine , aka Darth Sidious, aka Darth Vader’s boss.
My kids, the youngest being just 4yrs old, are only now beginning to appreciate the Star Wars universe as it was meant to be told – starting with episode 4, going through episode 6, and then just stopping. No animated Clone Wars series, no JarJar. A world where Darth Vader is the scariest mother walking the face of this or any other planet. My son informed me that Darth Vader was the biggest bad guy in the universe. “Oh no,” I told him, “Darth Vader has a boss. The Emperor.” They were very impressed by this. They have no idea who the Emperor is, because they won’t see him until the third movie.

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