My Shakespeare Birthday

So, it’s my birthday (let’s hope that, unlike our patron saint, it doesn’t eventually bookend my celebrated life :)). Loyal readers may know that my kids like for me to have a “Shakespeare birthday”, and the meaning of that has changed over the years. My 3yr old used to use the word to mean “thing Daddy likes” so she would inform me that for my Shakespeare birthday she would get me a Shakespeare flower. Love it.

This year the two girls made me Shakespeare cards. Check it out! I love them.

(Click for larger images)

The first one is a computer that says “Shakespeare geek” on it. Or possibly an iPod. She likes to draw computers. Even my 4yr old (soon to be 5!) will draw them on paper at school, then cut them out and walk around like he’s got work to do on the laptop.

The second one, if you can’t quite make it out, is “Shaksbear”. That’s not intended to be a bear, that’s just the way she spelled it when left on her own. He’s even got the lack of hair on top, and the curly bits down at his shoulders. Not bad! I have no idea what model she used, but I’m putting this one up against the Cobbe Portrait and taking it on the road.

My wife told me to make sure I keep these. I informed her that they were heading straight for the web site to be immortalized :).

One thought on “My Shakespeare Birthday

  1. Oh, how delightful! It must be very satisfying to receive this lovely drawnings from your kids.
    I loved it. "Shakesbear" was very very sweet.
    And today I was creating a new Bard Comic with an infant Shakespeare.
    Maybe your kids will like it 🙂

    Oh, by the way, happy birthday and many happy returns.

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