Is Shakespeare an Angel?

Just one of those things you’ll overhear at my house. In this case it came out of my son, who turns 5 tomorrow, after some logic of his that went, “When you die you go to Heaven. People in Heaven are angels. Shakespeare died, therefore Shakespeare is in Heaven, therefore Shakespeare must be an angel.”

8 thoughts on “Is Shakespeare an Angel?

  1. According to strict old-school theology, angels are not dead people. They are creatures dating back to the dawn of creation, who have never been flesh and blood.

  2. Laertes seems a little confused about that point, too. "A ministering angel shall my sister be…"

  3. Obviously depends on your religious perspective. Perhaps if you want him to keep an open mind when he's older, you can at least gently help him avoid common misconceptions. Otherwise he'll be mighty confused if he ever reads the Bible or works inspired by it, say Paradise Lost, to pick the obvious example.

  4. You're kidding, right? The boy is not yet 5, he's a little young for old school theology. Not to mention the fairly obvious "none of that nonsense actually exists" point.

  5. haha I just love your son's line of thought 🙂
    It must be so fun to have kids like yours.

    And, good to know, we have a poetic angel to give us all some inspiration.

    By the way, happy birthday to your son. Your little angel.

  6. And in my house I mentioned that Sh died of a cold after drinking it up at his daughter's wedding. My 5 year old then said it was his own fault.

  7. My 9 year old son replies– "well he would think that because he is only 5 but I would tell him Shakespeare was a man named Edward de Vere."

  8. What are you teaching your child? My oldest is going to be 9 this summer, and such a line would be sacrilege in my house. "People think that a man name Edward de Vere wrote the plays…" maybe (*maybe*!) but statement of fact? No way Jose.

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