Let’s Do It

…Let’s Fall In Love
I want to get back to something for a minute. Lost in the shuffle of last week’s Shakespeare Day celebrations was a new effort by our own BardFilm (aka KJ), where he rewrote Cole Porter’s “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)” using all of Shakespeare’s favorite couples (and then some!) Not only did KJ write this, he sings it as well, and put together a video. It’s over 8 minutes long!

That is no small effort, and I wanted to make sure that everybody did get a chance to see it. You may not have a chance to watch the *whole* thing, I mean come on KJ, some of us have day jobs 🙂 … but you can always bookmark it and tell yourself you’ll watch it later.
Go watch! I’m deliberately not embedding the YouTube video because it’s only fair that he should get the traffic.
Nice work, K. It is appreciated!

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