Subway Shakespeare

I’m sure we’ve talked about projects like this before, and here it’s come around again : Subway Shakespeare. In this article, two twenty-somethings entertain a carload of passengers with the final scene from Romeo and Juliet. I like that they are interviewed right there in the subway.
What do you think? I’m torn – I think that at first I’d be fascinated to recognize what’s going on, just like I am when I hear one of my kids’ cartoons suddenly quote Henry V. But if I was a regular? And they did it every morning? And I had work to do? It might get a little stale. And what if they’re not really any good?
Anybody ever seen Shakespeare in the wild like this?

One thought on “Subway Shakespeare

  1. Oh, that's interesting. I guess I never saw that kind of thing, at least not Shakespeare…
    But, if it was every morning, honestly, it would lose it's sparkle. People would just stop paying attention, and even get angry if it makes them get late.

    Is there any videos of their performance?

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