Mad Libs Shakespeare

The inventor of Mad Libs, Leonard B. Stern, has died.
It seems only fair to mark his passing with a little Mad Libs Shakespeare. This is a quicky so it’s not formatted well (and you basically have to DIY), don’t read the second half until you’re ready to fill in:
1 Verb
3 Noun

4 Noun
5 Verb
6 Plural noun
7 Plural noun
8 Adjective
9 Noun
10 Plural noun
11 Noun
12 Plural noun
13 Verb
14 Verb
15 Verb
17 Number
18 Adjective
19 Plural noun
20 Noun
21 Past-tense verb
(*) I realize that a few numbers are missing, I realized after doing this that words were repeated but didn’t feel like renumbering all the slots 🙂
To __1__, or not to __1___: that is the __3___:

Whether ’tis nobler in the __4___ to __5___

The __6___ and __7___ of __8___ __9___,

Or to take _10____ against a __11___ of __12___,

And by opposing __13___ them? To __14___: to __15___;

No more; and by a __15___ to say we end

The heart-ache and the _17____ __18___ __19____

That flesh is heir to, ’tis a __20___

Devoutly to be _21____.

3 thoughts on “Mad Libs Shakespeare

  1. That was probably the best Mad Lib game I've ever played. And I have played a lot of games of Mad Libs.

  2. Duane, hey it's Greg from NC. I actually do this in Shakespeare class. I also did it with the first paragraph of A Tale of Two Cities, making my seniors talk about their lives and graduation. It works great!


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