Oh What The …. Again?

I know that Roland Emmerich’s new movie Anonymous is coming soon and will tell us that Oxford wrote Shakespeare.
But save a little bit of your scorn, oh ye Geeks, because apparently that’s not the only authorship movie in town. Be on the lookout in 2012 for a *Marlowe* movie?!
This information comes from a press release by the author of The Shakespeare Conspiracy, Ted Bacino:

The second movie, based on his book, The Shakespeare Conspiracy, by Ted Bacino, is scheduled for release in early 2012 and credits Marlowe with the writings. It is being produced by the Motion Picture Hall of Fame and Borone Films.

I don’t know much else we’ll hear about what could be a vanity/indie project, but I figured it was worth a mention. ‘Tis the season for Authorship debate, I guess.

5 thoughts on “Oh What The …. Again?

  1. Darn. I've been intending to write a Marlovian controversy movie for years, because of how crack-tastically wonderful the idea is.

    The thing that always held me back was the fear that people might take the movie seriously. 😉

  2. Better idea. Shakespeare teams up with Marlowe's ghost to solve the mystery of Marlowe's death. Along the way they dash off a couple collaborations in their spare time. It'd be like the Sixth Sense meets Shakespeare in Love.

  3. Hi Duane,

    Here is the address for a video
    of an Authorship debate which
    took place in London recently and
    which was sponsored by Sony as an
    interesting start to their promotion of the forthcoming
    "Anonymous" film:


    This article appeared on Friday
    in the tabloid newspaper "The Sun"…enjoy!


    Sean O'Sullivan.

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