We Have Our Romeo

Haley Steinfeld’s Juliet now has her Romeo – and his name is Douglas Booth. Looks like a Romeo. Got a bit of a young Leo DiCaprio thing going on. I don’t recognize any of his other credits.
For some reason, the article’s description of Romeo amused me:

“…the coveted role of Romeo, an accomplished swordsman and adept lover…”

Really? I never really thought about Romeo’s swordsmanship, and just always figured that his victory over Tybalt could just as easily have been a lucky shot, given the circumstances (a vengeance-crazed Romeo against a mostly-all-talk Tybalt?). Calling him an accomplished swordsman sounds more like a description of the Hamlet/Laertes duel to see who was better.
And “adept lover”? That makes him sound like something of a Don Juan character with a lot of notches on his belt, doesn’t it?
Who writes this stuff? And who felt obliged to add that kind of color to the story, as if people didn’t already know it? Doesn’t the whole “fall in love despite the bitter rivalry between their two families” thing pretty much sum it up for most of the planet?

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