Kickstarting Digital Shakespeare : CGI Macbeth

There’s lots in this article about a computer-animated staging of Macbeth to love:

  • He’s targeting it at high school kids as a way of increasing their interest in the subject matter.
  • Robots.  How do you not love robots? ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Direct quote from the animator: โ€œThis is a staging not an adaptation, the text is sacrosanct. While the
    Shakespearean text remains the same, the visuals will be something that
    students can appreciate.โ€  Amen, brother!  (Although we could debate what “the same” means – I hope that he’s not just blindly taking whatever public domain copy of the text he can find.  You are allowed a little directorial freedom, man!)
  • He’s using Kickstarter.  So he’s at least making a valiant effort at trying to make his project a reality.

Enthusiasm is one thing, but let’s also be realistic. The journalist working on the article sent video clips to some area high school students as a test, and none of them particularly liked it :(.  All of them seemed to be saying that the robots, without facial expression, were the problem.  I’m guessing that robots is the animator’s way of saying “I can’t do faces well enough.”

Still, though, I applaud and support the idea! 

I wonder if he knows about Shakespeare in Bits?

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