What Are You Wearing?

With summer upon us I’m in the mood for a new Shakespeare t-shirt. I’ve got my “Mercutio Drew First!” as well as a blue one that’s just a big picture of Shakespeare rolling his eyes (a variant of Droeshout), but I can’t be the guy who shows up to events always in one of those two shirts. 🙂 Looking for ideas.
What sort of Shakespeare stuff have you got? I know I said “wearing”, but subject lines are everything :). I’ll open it up to hats, beach bags… anything that’s got something Shakespeare in it, that you might be flaunting at the beach or on vacation. Books don’t count :).

5 thoughts on “What Are You Wearing?

  1. I finally treated myself to a 'Shakespeare is my Homeboy' shirt. I've often imagined creating a secret handshake with Willy Shakes while we strut.

  2. Ours are:
    * "Shakes-beer: Think Responsibly"
    * Shakespeare grinning lasciviously with the caption "Who's Thy Daddy?"
    * "Shakespeare: Tastes Like Chicken"
    (with WS on a bucket of chicken a la the Colonel, and the subline 'A Secret Blend of Verbs and Vices')
    * A punked-out bard, with the slogan "B-B-Bard To The Bone"

    This makes me think we should have these designs up on Zazzle or Cafepress too. We might sell a few outside to the odd Shakespeare geek online.

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