None of the Above?

Given that it was just asked on Yahoo! Answers I’m going to assume that some English teacher somewhere asked this question, exactly as phrased (because the student cut and pasted it directly):

3. Which of the following best describes Friar Lawrence?

  1. He is a hot-tempered, violent, spiteful man who tends to hold a grudge.
  2. He is a bawdy, funny, high-spirited man who likes to crack jokes.
  3. He is a well-educated, thoughtful, and realistic man who tends to be optimistic.
  4. He is a sly, underhanded, and cunning man who tends to break his promises.

Ummm … #3? Is that the answer that’s wanted here?  He may be the only adult in the play who can think rationally enough to see both sides of Romeo and Juliet’s story, but I’m not sure whether that makes him thoughtful and realistic?  After all he’s also the guy that said “Hey Juliet, my plan involves you being buried alive, and me rescuing you.”

Am I missing something?

One thought on “None of the Above?

  1. Don't forget the worst: he left Juliet alone in the tomb when he ran when he heard voices-fear for his own neck. My 9th graders express great dislike for the Nurse and the Friar as they feel that those two showed the most self interest and lack of courage. They argue their points passionately-the trust Romeo and Juliet placed in them was the worst betrayal in their eyes. Interesting, isn't it?

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