I Think We Already Invented This

So check out this article on a new “glimpse into digital humanities”, the Mobile Shakespeare Scripts project:

Their project, “Mobile Shakespeare Scripts” (or “MyShx”), offers actors
and directors a mobile app for customizing scripts to include
commentary, production history, or other digital enhancements. MyShx
will initially be produced for iPads, and it will be used for the first
time in the production of one of American Shakespeare Theater’s
2012-2013 shows.


In March of this year, when the iPad 2 came out, I wrote about how you could use an iPad to revolutionize digital Shakespeare.

But even more closely, go check out this discussion on Shakespeare in the public domain, from June 2011.  In particular note Ed’s comment (#3) about creating his own textbooks for the kids, with ample room to do all their own note taking right in the margins and such, and the conversation that follows. I suggest that this is custom made for a software solution, and Alexi offers up the suggestion to make it so that directors could use it to cut their own scripts.

Of course, they’re well-funded PhDs, and we’re just a bunch of enthusiasts hanging out on a blog.  What do we know.

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